What is Hackschooling?

Education, like everything else, can be hacked or improved. That is what hackschooling is all about.

Create a custom, hybridized curriculum by taking the best of local and international resources to provide the ultimate life-learning experience for your child.
This is a team effort. We need help from members of the community to keep up with all the new educational opportunities available in order to provide the best customized education for our students. Please help us by sending information on education and enrichment opportunities here.

2 thoughts on “What is Hackschooling?

  1. Like many, I was moved and inspired by the ted talk on hackschooling. Where do I even start though? My oldest is starting 1st grade in the fall. I’d love to have a strategy in place to move him out of public schooling over the next couple years. Any advice you have would be awesome!!


  2. Hi Craig!

    We’re working on gathering lists of resources and creating a “how to get started guide” for the site. We will also have a state education standards list for parents to reference, and possibly tags for activities and classes that we post that will help identify which educational requirement they fill. We’re just getting started with our site, but we hope to have it fully functioning within a couple of months, so please keep checking back as we add more!

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