Opting Out of SAGE Tests

If you are dual-enrolling your child and have questions about opting out of SAGE testing, here are a few answers:

1. Do I have to opt out every year?

2. My principal won’t accept the opt out. What now?
State law says they have to. Use this opt out form:

3. My teacher said my son would take an alternate test that will count against my son if I opt out. Why?
State law allows that if a teacher is using SAGE for grades, that teacher can administer an alternate test to opt-out students and grade them on it. It should be pencil and paper if you have opted out of all computer adaptive tests. The teacher may not penalize your child for opting out by grading his/her test and applying it to your child’s grade, but not using SAGE test results for other students.

4. Our principal said Sup. Menlove’s letter from last year is no longer valid. Is it?
Of course it is. Make them show where the superintendent rescinded it.

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