Part-Time and Dual Enrollment

With the new laws passed in 2014, personalizing your children’s education just got easier. Do you have a 5th or 6th-grade age child who wants to take band or orchestra at the junior high? A new law states that parents can enroll their children in any grade they wish to, unless the school or district can give an adequate reason why it would not be appropriate for the child. This is perfect for those who dual-enroll their children, or who want to split their children’s education between home or online school and some classes at the local school. Also, yearly notarized homeschool exemption forms are no longer required, and children in online or public school can opt-out of year-end standardized testing. As before, children who are entirely homeschooled are not required to turn in progress reports to the state or district or take any standardized tests.

Be aware that some schools may not yet be aware of these changes, so you will have to mention the new laws when registering your child part-time.

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